Alberta Car Insurance Quotes

Are you paying too much for auto insurance in Alberta?

Insurance in Alberta is highly competitive, and it is up to you, the consumer, to make sure that you are getting the best value for your insurance dollars and not paying more than you need to.

Here are are some tips to reduce your auto insurance premiums, get cheap car insurance quotes, and ensure that you are properly insured:

  • Call a licensed broker. Online insurance quotes and car insurance comparison tools may be inaccurate and may not reflect all of the different rules and ratings of insurance companies in Alberta. A good insurance broker will be able to complete an accurate quote for you and compare several companies for the lowest auto insurance rate and best discounts available to you in Alberta.

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  • Price isn't everything. Getting the best deal for car insurance in Alberta isn't just about paying the lowest premium for a pink card - it's also about getting the right coverages for your needs. A cheap insurance policy won't do you any good in an accident if it doesn't cover everything you thought it would, so take the time to carefully research your insurance policy and find out exactly what's covered and what's missing.

  • Customer service matters. Like any other business, insurance companies are competitive in terms of service. Does your insurance agent genuinely actually care about your needs? Or are they based in a distant call center and focused only on getting you off the phone as quickly as possible? Customer service is one of those things that consumers often don't think about until something happens...make sure your insurance company has good customer service before an accident occurs.